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The new Maldonado Medical Facebook Fan page is unlike any Facebook page you have seen.  The Facebook page is designed to help our patients troubleshoot some of the most common issues that other patients have run across. It also contains up to date information on what is happening in the medical industry.  By visiting the Fan page, you can keep yourself educated on your rights as a patient and ask any questions that you may have regarding your equipment, or your rehabilitation.  With this new step toward digital medium, Maldonado Medical will make sure that you have answers to all of your questions around the clock!!

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With the increasing demand for providing around the clock support to our patients, Maldonado Medical has began to delve into different social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube of which will supply patients instantaneous answers to commonly asked questions.  Maldonado Medical has begun to release a series of troubleshooting and step by step videos developed in house for the benefit of their patients.  The YouTube channel for Maldonado Medical was designed to not only provide support but to educate and introduce Maldonado Medical to their patients and the world.

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